Operational Procedures Set-up:

CATUAV has been operating UAS for commercial applications since the launch of Atmos 1, our first fully functional system (Check here our discontinued range of Aerial Services we used to provide). We have experience in flying in multiple environments (urban, night flight, extreme temperatures…) in all sorts of operation modes (VLOS, EVLOS, BVLOS, FPV…). Furthermore, we have taken care of keeping up to date our operational procedures to the ever-changing legal framework.

Our experience allows us to support you in properly deploying any new application, assessing you in:

  • Technology selection: Selecting the right UAS technology is key to properly succeed in your project. We can help you in analyzing the technical requirements of the project and find the best solution available in the market to meet those.
  • Safe operation: Once the suitable UAS has been selected, it is important to properly define the operational procedures to ensure the maximum level of safety through all operation steps. This includes taking into account the orography, expected meteorological conditions, take-off and land area configuration, sources of interference…
  • Regulatory compliance: Complying with all UAS regulations may be difficult and sometimes ambiguous. We can help you in guaranteeing the legality of the operational procedures and obtaining all the permissions from the relevant NAA (National Aviation Authority).
  • Economically feasible: Fulfilling all previous points means nothing if the application is not economically feasible. From our experience we can estimate the multiple costs associated with the UAS operative to optimally set-up your application work-flow and proceedings.

If you want to know more about how our capabilities can benefit your project check our know-how list or read about some of our most relevant projects below:



The first major project of CATUAV was the development of a small and portable fixed-wing UAV system capable of performing real time surveillance tasks. The project was financed by Indra, that at that time was willing to get introduced in the emerging civilian drone market. During those years it was impossible to buy at an affordable price the basic drone systems. This lead CATUAV team to develop our own autopilot, mission control software, telemetry system, ...
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