It was year 2000 when CATUAV was founded as a UAS company, but the technology developments started even before. At that time there was no UAV systems (nor subsystems) for civil applications in the market, being everything only focused for the military market at unaffordable prices.

This fact leads CATUAV to develop proprietary technology covering all the UAS technical chain until having a fully operational system in the market, the Atmos 1. Since then, CATUAV has kept technology research & innovation in its business core, having accumulated through the years a wide experience in most UAS related subjects.

Browse and click the following list to get to know our company R+D and engineering capabilities:

UAV Platform Design, Development and Production
  • Platform types developed:
    • Fixed Wing
    • Multirotor
    • Helicopter
  • Power plants integrated:
    • Electric
    • Fuel
  • UAV Operation Modes Implementation
    • Manually controlled by pilot.
    • Fully autonomous:
      • Auto take-off.
      • Auto landing.
      • Autonomous cruise and mission performance.
      • Guided
    • Fly-by-wire.
  • Landing and Take-off Methods Implementation
    • Landing gear for runway take-off and landing.
    • Hand launching.
    • Catapult launching.
    • Belly landing.
    • Parachute landing.
    • Deep stall landing.
Innovation & Research Project Management
  • European calls analysis and conceptualization of a valuable proposal.
  • Consortium partners search.
  • Consortium design and analysis.
  • Work Packages (WP) and Tasks (T) definition and distribution.
  • Budget analysis and preparation.
  • Proposal optimization and improvement.
  • Proposal preparation.
  • Definition of the control and follow-up indicators.
  • Justification mechanisms and documents definition.
  • Project repository implementation and administration.
  • Project start: Administration and follow up phase with reports.
  • Project finalization: Conclusions phase with final report and justification.


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New Products/Services Design & Implementation
  • Requirements & constraints analysis.
  • Product/service concept assessment.
  • Design & development.
  • Subsystems integration.
  • Characterization and technical documentation preparation.
  • Legal documentation preparation and validation.
  • Training and delivery to final users.
Legislation Assessment
  • National legislation.
  • European EASA legislation.
  • International legislation.
  • SORA (Specific Operation Risk Assessment) preparation following the operator needs.
  • Future legislation trends: EU Common Sky (groups SESAR & ACARE), UTM & U-space…
UAV Market & Technology Analysis
  • UAV Platforms Analysis.
  • UAV Test Site Design and Implementation.
  • Study of new public and commercial applications.
  • Intersectoral workshops organisation with:
    • Administrations.
    • Research organisations.
    • Universities.
    • Payload manufacturers.
    • Platform manufacturers.
    • Operators.
Ground Control Station Design, Development and Production
  • Mobile Ground Control Station in all-terrain trailer with BVLOS capability.
  • Permanent based Ground Control Station for test sites with BVLOS capability.
  • Portable Ground Control Station suitable for aerial transportation with BVLOS capability.
  • Proprietary mission control software.
  • Proprietary mission planning software.
  • Proprietary TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance System) for mini UAVs.
Production Methods & Techniques
  • Balsa wood.
  • Carbon fiber.
  • Mold construction for large series production.
  • 3D printing and rapid prototyping.
  • CNC (Computer Numeric Control) cutting.
  • Turning and milling of metal pieces.
  • Laser cutting.
  • Vacuum thermoconforming.
Electronics Design and Integration
  • PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design and production.
  • Inertial Stabilization Systems integration and testing.
  • Automatic Pilots integration and testing.
  • Avionics design, integration and testing.
  • Avionics power system design and integration.
Telecommunications Systems Design and Integration
  • Telemetry radio-link for mission control.
  • Real time video radio-link for FPV (First Person View) piloting.
  • 4G communications.
  • Satellite communication for unlimited range data transmission.
Payload integration and configuration
  • Payload systems integrated:
    • High resolution RGB cameras for photogrammetry apps.
    • Video cameras with geotagging.
    • 4K video cameras.
    • Near-Infrared high resolution cameras.
    • Multispectral cameras.
    • Hyperspectral cameras.
    • Thermal cameras.
    • Meteorological sensors.
    • 5G network analysis module.
  • Payload systems developed:
    • Near-Infrared high resolution cameras.
    • Multispectral camera.
    • Meteorological sensors
Testing and evaluation of new UAV prototypes
  • New UAV prototype flight testing and performance analysis.
  • New payload flight testing and data quality evaluation.
  • New avionics flight testing and performance evaluation.
  • New applications flight testing and procedures analysis.
UAV Operation Experience
  • UAV platforms operated (by category):
    • Fixed wing C1 < 1 kg
    • Fixed wing C2 < 4 kg
    • Fixed wing C3 < 25 kg
    • Multirotor C1 < 1 kg
    • Multirotor C2 < 4 kg
    • Multirotor C3 < 25 kg
    • Helicopter C2 < 4 kg
  • Operation modes:
    • VLOS (Visual Line of Sight).
    • EVLOS (Enhanced Visual Line of Sight).
    • RLOS (Radio Line of Sight).
    • BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight).
    • Urban environment.
    • Night environment.
    • Controlled Airspace environment.
UAV Applications Experience
  • Agricultural subsidy control.
  • Coast-line monitoring.
  • Emergency Response.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Environmental studies.
  • Fire-fighting.
  • Humanitarian applications.
  • Marine studies.
  • New apps Research & Development.
  • Precision agriculture.
  • Search & Rescue.
  • Waste management.
Photogrammetry Techniques
  • Ortophoto maps generation.
  • Digital Surface Model (DSM) generation.
  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM) generation.
  • 3D point cloud generation.
  • Contour lines map generation.
  • Metric camera calibration.
Remote Sensing Techniques
  • Radiometric calibration.
  • Reflectance maps generation.
  • Vegetation indices generation.
  • Map area segmentation according to the vegetation properties (vegetation vigour, vegetation type…).
Computer Vision & Artificial Intelligence
  • Automatic segmentation.
  • Object Detection.
  • Stereoscopic Vision.
  • 3D Reconstruction.
  • Multimodal imagery registration and mapping.
  • Neural networks.