Who we are:

CATUAV is an R+D and engineering services SME specialized on Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), commonly referred to as drones.

With over two decades of hands-on experience, we have played diverse roles in the sector. In our early days, the company primarily focused on manufacturing fixed-wing UAS. Over time, we expanded our services to offer Aerial Services with our proprietary UAS technology. This evolution gave us with the required expertise to establish BCN Drone Center, one of the world’s pioneering test sites exclusively dedicated to UAS testing and certification.

As owners of BCN Drone Center, we transitioned from our manufacturer and operator role to the R&D and engineering services company we are nowadays. This pivot allows us to leverage the extensive experience we accumulated during our pioneering years, offering it now to our clients.

What we offer:

With over 20 years of experience in the UAS sector, CATUAV’s expertise spans the entire UAS value chain. Drawing on this extensive experience and industry expertise, we offer comprehensive R+D and engineering services. Our aim is to help you to close the gap between innovative ideas and successful market deployment for your UAS project or application.

Where we are:

Located in Moià, just 40 km north of Barcelona, our headquarters reside within the BCN Drone Center UAV Test Site. With a track record of collaboration with customers and companies from over 60 countries, our services have a global reach.

Company History:

CAUTAV Company activities started in year 2000, but its history and values were raised even earlier, being one of the oldest UAS companies in Europe. Enter here to discover our background.

Company Know-How:

Thanks to all R+D projects succesfully fulfilled since year 2000, CATUAV has acquired a huge amount of experience covering all the different technologies and processes related with UAS.


CATUAV is always open to collaborate with other companies and entities to spread UAS civil applications worldwide. Check here our partnerships for fulfilling this goal.