Who we are:

CATUAV is a private company dedicated to develop and provide Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV, popularly known as drones) technology for any civil applications. Our multidisciplinary team has developed proprietary technology that has proven their effectiveness and reliability in a wide range of applications. Since 2000 we offer our customers comprehensive and flexible solutions that allow them to get the most out of UAV technology.

What we offer:

With more than 20 years in the UAV field CATUAV’s know how covers the full UAV value chain, going from UAV Systems design and production to UAV Operation, including UAV robotics, imagery processing, remote sensing, artificial intelligence… This has allowed us to develop and produce a range of efficient and affordable drones from our extensive experience. Furthermore, thanks to all the already developed technology, we are able to provide customized solutions for those applications in which the market is not providing a solution yet.

Where we are:

Our headquarters are settled in Moià, 40 km north of Barcelona, inside BCN Drone Center UAV Test Site. We have worked with customers and companies from more than 60 countries, being our products and services provided worldwide.

Company History:

CAUTAV Company activities started in year 2000, but its history and values were raised even earlier, being one of the oldest UAV companies in Europe. Enter here to discover our background.

Company Know-How:

Thanks to all research and development projects since year 2000, CATUAV has acquired a huge amount of experience covering all the different technologies and processes related with UAVs.


CATUAV is always open to collaborate with other companies and entities to spread UAV civil applications worldwide. Check here our partnerships for fulfilling this goal.