CATUAV growth since year 2000 has been possible thanks to collaborating with top technological and research companies. Here you can find a list of the most relevant partnerships and joint ventures in which CATUAV has taken part since 2000:


EXODRONICS Exodronics is a joint venture between CATUAV and MVVF (Mas Vinyoles Venture Factory) with the aim to provide a full range of UAV Systems for civil applications fulfilling the requirements of the first released EASA drone regulation. CATUAV is the UAV technology provider of Exodronics, contributing with their extensive proven experience in this field with the design and production of state of the art UAV systems. The development of this new company started in 2018, with the first drone system release in 2019 with the EXO C2-L light fixed-wing UAV. To know more about this project visit Exodronics web ...
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TELESPAZIO This era began in 2007 with the global economic crisis. INDRA canceled our drone project for video surveillance and there we were, without our most important client and with a depressing economic outlook. Thinking about what we could do, we had the idea of ​​installing a small CASIO digital camera onboard the UAV platform developed for INDRA to take some aerial photos. The images were promising, but we didn't know very well what to do with them. An internet search led us to GEOVIRTUAL, a company based in Barcelona dedicated to the development of something very similar to what ...
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INDRA The partnership with Indra during the first years of our company supposed an important boost . During those years it was impossible to buy, at least at an affordable price, the basic systems to build your own UAS, for that reason we developed our own autopilot, mission control software, telemetry system, platform ... covering the entire technology chain. That base has given us the independence and ability to develop custom systems that we now offer to all our customers. You can read more about CATUAV beginnings in this article from Jordi Santacana, CEO & Founder of CATUAV ...
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