Designing and producing UAVs since year 2000:

Since year 2000, CATUAV team has developed more than 20 different models of UAV, including fixed-wing, helicopter and multirotor platforms. We have experience both with fuel and electric engine, including the participation in solar UAV research projects aiming for unlimited endurance. We have equipped our systems with all sorts of automatic pilot, including open-source and commercial solutions, and we even developed our own automatic pilot back in 2005.

All this experience and acquired know-how allows us to completely develop and produce new custom UAVs, that properly meet the user requirements when the solutions already available in the market are not enough.

If you want to know more about CATUAV capabilities you can read about some of our most relevant projects below or check our know-how list.



The first major project of CATUAV was the development of a small and portable fixed-wing UAV system capable of performing real time surveillance tasks. The project was financed by Indra, that at that time was willing to get introduced in the emerging civilian drone market. During those years it was impossible to buy at an affordable price the basic drone systems. This lead CATUAV team to develop our own autopilot, mission control software, telemetry system, ...
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Ground Control Station - 2000 until now

Ground Control Station – 2000 until now

Throughout the years, CATUAV has designed and built several ground control stations (GCS), both fixed and mobile. The first GCS was nothing more than a backpack with a receiver and all required electronics, a hat with a directive antenna that was oriented by turning the head and SONY glasses designed in the 90's to watch DVDs from which the user could get real time video data to pilot the system in First Person View (FPV) ...
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ATMOS - 2000 until now

ATMOS – 2000 until now

The ATMOS project is by far the longest and most transcendent project in the history of CATUAV. The purpose of this permanent internal project is to have the best utility drone that technology allows. We started in 2000 with the ATMOS-1 and right now we are developing the ATMOS-8. The evolution of the concept has led us to test all kinds of solutions to take advantage of the technology of each moment. We started using ...
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