Year: 2000 until now.

Project type: Private R+D project.

Participants: 1 Enterprise.

The ATMOS project is by far the longest and most transcendent project in the history of CATUAV. The purpose of this permanent internal project is to have the best utility drone that technology allows. We started in 2000 with the ATMOS-1 and right now we are developing the ATMOS-8. The evolution of the concept has led us to test all kinds of solutions to take advantage of the technology of each moment. We started using a geared brushed motor, then moved to a geared brushless, to later end with a direct drive brushless outrunner. The first ATMOS used NiCd battery, later we took advantage of the then new NiMh, during more than a decade we used LiPo and right now we are using LiIon. Over the years we have used many different configurations always looking for simplicity and efficiency. We have used conventional tail, T tail, V tail, pusher or tractor engines, pylon mounted engine in the ATMOS-4 … we even tested an experimental version of the ATMOS powered with a ducted fan!

This project is always fascinating because the development of technology allows us to update and improve the capabilities of a platform that always seeks the same goal: to be the best possible utility drone.

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Battery TypeNiCdNiMh/LipoLiPoLiPoLiPoLiPoLiPoLiIon
Engine TypeGeared BrushedGeared BrushlessOutrunnerOutrunnerOutrunnerOutrunnerOutrunnerOutrunner
Endurance18 minutes25/40 minutes50 minutes50 minutes60 minutes60 minutes75 minutes100 minutes
Cruise Speed35 km/h40 km/h45 km/h48 km/h50 km/h50 km/h58 km/h68 km/h
Payload50 g200 g300 g350 g500 g500 g500 g800 g