Wildlife Surveillance

Year: 2019.

Project type: Private R&D project.

Participants: 2 Enterprises.

Eyeplane, an ESA BIC incubated company, is deploying surveillance services for African Wildlife and automatic treat detection using AI solutions. After Eyeplane the successful testing and operation setup performed in BCN Drone Center, our Test Site facilities, some additional requirements appeared. This lead to our technical and testing pilot staff travelling to Namibia to help Eyeplane solve some of their needs.

There, our team performed the following tasks:
• Set-up automatic take-off and landing in the Penguin UAS used in the appliaction.
• On-site R&D operation to test their operational setup in a real environment.
• Eyeplane personnel training (flying and operations).

Eyeplane first experimental operations carried out proved the technical feasibility of this disruptive service.