Year: 2021 to present.

Project type: Project lead by CATUAV.

Participants: CATUAV.


CATUAV has taken a new initiative to open the way for future projects to the ecosystem of the future: U-Space.


When a UAS is undergoing testing, it is necessary that it complies with all regulations, including the real-time broadcast of critical data for its identification such as its ID code or its position, thus making the airspace safer and more efficient for all users.


CATUAV opens the doors to companies that want to evaluate their integration in U-Space by offering an outdoor evaluation service at the Barcelona Drone Center facilities. Throughout a 50ha segregated airspace, the user will be able to check the capacity of his UAS to be monitored and incorporated in an airspace that will be shared by thousands of other users with the help of our technology.


This procedure will ensure the safety, availability and controllability of simultaneous flights in the test area involving several UAS by maintaining their respective safety distances and alerting users when they approach the limits of their flight range.