Year: 2021 to 2022.

Project type: Spanish Project co-funded by MINCOTUR, program AEI.

Participants: 3 Enterprises, 2 Clusters.


PriorityDrone aims to allow the delivery and distribution of any type of merchandise of moderate dimensions, regardless of the place and the conditions of the operation. In this way, it will be possible to establish high capillarity distribution networks and the coverage of the rural area will be expanded through its connection with the manufacturing centers themselves, hubs and distribution centers close to the manufacturing and storage locations (within a range between 25km and 50km).


The project was born as a response to the precarious situations in the supply of certain essential goods, such as medicines or first need products, caused by the pandemic. Added to this problem is the isolation of certain areas due to weather conditions, geographical dispersion, or the logistical profitability of the operation. Priority Drone aims to create an end-to-end automated drone transportation solution that overcomes these issues to deliver essential supplies to rural residents.


During the first phase of the project, CATUAV embarked on the mission to design and bring to reality a prototype UAS that can transport parcels over short and medium distances, which resulted in the birth of “Porthos”, the eVTOL so named by CATUAV.


Porthos makes it possible to transport loads from one point to another over a longer distance than conventional solutions on the market. Its multi-rotor configuration is ideal for stationary flight and unloading/loading of packages. On the other hand, the fixed-wing configuration allows this UAS to move at higher speed between delivery points.