Year: 2012 to 2014.

Project type: Total Foundation.

Participants: 5 Research Organisations and 1 SME.

Phytoscope (stands for PHYToplankton biOdiversity multiScale Characterization using advanced Optical technologies) was carried out in the Alfacs bay as a scientific campaign to collect data for the Phytoscope project. This campaign was organized by the ICM (CSIC) and directed by Dr. Jaume Piera. CATUAV participated capturing thermal images with the NEC F30 camera and hyperspectral images with the new RIKOLA. In total, CATUAV made 14 UAV flights that will show the variability of the control zones established. Thanks to the data obtained with the measuring instruments will be possible to correlate the data obtained from the ARGOS UAV and surface data. In this data acquisition campaign has worked an international team of 20 scientists and technicians. Phytoscope project is sponsored by the Total Foundation, which promotes the development of initiatives for the preservation of biodiversity.