Year: 2008.

Project type: Private R+D project.

Participants: 1 Enterprise.

Before the appearance on the market of Micasense, Mapir, Parrot and DJI multispectral cameras, the only commercial option for multispectral cameras was offered by Tetracam, which, apart from being very expensive, due to their size and weight was not intended to be integrated into a small UAVs such as Atmos. Thanks to the experience of Dr. Manuel Castillo Fraile in remote sensing projects, CATUAV managed to develop a three-band camera based on the FOVEON sensor of the SIGMA DP1. This camera, which CATUAV named VEGCAM-Pro, allowed us to obtain excellent NDVI orthophotos.

With the intention of obtaining better spectral resolution, it was decided to build the PANOPTE, which was based on an array of 6 modified Werlisa WD-56 cameras. This camera was also too large and heavy for the ATMOS, so we installed it as an under wing of the ARGOS.