Year: 2019 to 2020.

Project type: Private R&D project.

Participants: 1 Enterprise.

ORYX is the new long range UAS platform designed and developed by CATUAV, that replaces the previous ARGOS series, which have been in service since 2008. The new UAS is developed after the appearance of the following changes in the UAS environment:

  • Announcement of the new EASA legislation, which aims to allow, for the first time, long range BVLOS operations in the civil market.
  • The lack of low cost and customizable long range UAS solutions for the civil market.
  • Technology advancements, such as low weight and high efficiency Electronic Fuel Injection engines for UAS.

The ORYX prototype maiden flight is finally performed in 2020, demonstrating 24h+ endurance, 1.800km+ range and up to 7.5 kg payload capacity. Furthermore, this new UAV has a very special feature that makes it unique in the world: a center of gravity adjustment system that allows it to fly in any load configuration without having to add counterweights.
The ORYX is marketed as a ready-to-fly system or as a platform ready to integrate the autopilot of the customer’s choice.