Year: 2017 to 2018.

Project type: Private R&D project.

Participants: 2 Enterprises.

A private customer (currently covered by an active NDA) presented us a Request For Information regarding a special development project for a small UAV intended to cover great surfaces, long endurance and with the maximum available payload, in a high payload/total mass ratio.

Our Engineering department designed a new class electric powered UAV capable to transport three sensors at once, boarding high resolution RGB optical sensor, multispectral sensor with 5 bands and high end thermal sensor.

Equipped with a long range telemetry system and a three level redundancy autopilot, platforms developed were benefited from our payload integration schema that includes, for example, protective windows for the lenses and innovative payload interchange support framework.

The final performances are protected by the NDA and may vary depending on the type of sensors, number of sensor simultaneously configured, etc. but easily can reach 100 minutes on air.

The project agreement included provision for final production series planned of 15 complete units ready to be delivered and operated.