Year: 2008 to 2010.

Project type: ACCIO – CIDEM.

Participants: 4 Enterprises and 2 Public Bodies.

ITUMA (Investigación de Tecnologías para un sistema integral UAV para control del Medio Ambiente) was a project subsidized by ACCIÓ that allowed CATUAV to strengthen its technological base. This project lasted for 3 years and brought together 4 companies (Aurensis, CATUAV, Geovirtual and Pildo Labs) and 2 subcontracted public agencies (CTAE and Institut de Geomàtica). The aim was to develop and test all necessary technologies to bring Earth observation environmental drone applications into a market stage.

For CATUAV it was a great opportunity to improve our technological means and focus our developments towards Earth observation applications. We also learnt how to manage large complex projects inside a consortium, which lead us to get R+D European Union funds from FP7 or H2020 programs later on.