Year: 2019.

Project type: Private R&D project.

Participants: 2 Enterprises.

In May 2019 we received from our sister company Exodronics the order to develop a small fixed wing drone that gathered the best performances possible with the current state of the art. We decided to use for the first time a Li Ion battery and a very efficient airframe and propulsion system to maximize system endurance.

The EXO C2-L has been designed to be operated fully autonomous from take-off to landing. It also integrates the same interchangeable “Cartridge System” used in our Atmos series, that allows to use different sensors with a single platform. With RGB, multispectral and thermal camera options that can be easily changed, the system offers high operational flexibility.

This new design is marketed by Exodronics, the full system features and specifications can be found in the EXO C2-L webpage >>