Year: 2018 to 2019.

Project type:Private R&D project.

Participants: 2 Enterprises.

ANNUNZIA is a company in the advertising market that holds more than 80 billboards distributed alongside the Catalonia region. With a large customer base, the ANNUNZIA management team in 2017 defined a new advertising media with an expected great impact in the public, specially designed for the summer season.

This new ad-media idea was based on UAVs acting as banner tugs.

CATUAV signed a R&D agreement with ANNUNZIA to develop and build three experimental class UAVs, able to accomplish the mission requirements.

The project was especially difficult due to the intrinsic challenges for this kind of application, for example, the autonomous flight path following the coastline, wind control over the sea, the autonomous approach to the landing zone and controlled banner drop before landing.

CATUAV also legally assessed and process all required legal authorizations needed for this kind of flights over the coastline, both with the national Spanish legislation framework and the new EASA legislation framework.

With the project successfully finished, ANNUNZIA holds all the Industrial Property Rights and has performed two complete summer season flight campaigns over some locations in the Balearic Islands and Catalonia coastlines.