Digital Elevation Models





CATUAV systems can generate high resolution orthophoto mosaics using different spectral bands, giving a flexible, fast and low cost solution to the client necessities.

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As a product of the orthophoto generation we also obtain detailed digital elevation models, from where we can generate a dense point cloud.

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Aerial Thermography

Georeferenced Aerial Images




Our UAV platforms can be equipped with a high resolution thermal cam in order to obtain detailed aerial thermographies.

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For some applications all the orthorectification process is not necessary. In those cases we can directly deliver the georeferenced images in less than 24h.

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Oblique Aerial Images

Remote Sensing


A completely new point of view can be achieved from the air, being able to give better perspective of buildings and landscapes.

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We have the capability of developing application specific remote sensing techniques to help our clients reach their requirements.

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Atmospheric Data

Custom UAV Projects


Our systems can be equipped with sensors in order to obtain atmospheric data such as temperature, pressure, CO2...

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With more than 10 years of experience with UAV technology, we are capable of developing new platforms and systems for any application specific project.

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