If the onboard camera pose has a certain angle from the vertical direction we obtain what is called oblique images, which allows us to obtain an aerial perspective of the scene. Thanks to the use of an onboard GPS and inertial system, each image acquired can be automatically georeferenced.

oblicua espectro vis1

Main features of CATUAV oblique aerial images are:

  • Geographic coordinates with 1 meter precision.
  • Can be generated in different bands: visible, near infrared, thermal, hyperspectral...
  • 24h delivery: the time from UAV takeoff to image delivery is less than 24h.
  • Images delivered in any desired industry standard format.




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The aerial perspective obtained with this kind of images allows us to see the scene from a bird point of view and leads to numerous applications were they are useful:
  • Civil works management.
  • Power lines maintenance.
  • Energy efficiency in buildings.
  • 360º panorama creation.
  • Culture.
  • More...