A georeferenced image has associated with itself the geographic coordinates of the place where it was taken. Thanks to the use of an onboard inertial system and GPS in our UAV, we can automatically georeference all the acquired images.


Main features of CATUAV georeferenced aerial images are:

  • Geographic coordinates with 1 meter precision.
  • Can be generated in different bands: visible, near infrared, thermal, hyperspectral...
  • 24h delivery: the time from UAV takeoff to image delivery is less than 24h.
  • Images delivered in any desired industry standard format.




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In some applications where accurate positioning and/or metric properties of the acquired image are not important. In these cases there is no necessity to generate the orthophoto mosaics, having enough information with the georeferenced images in order to fulfill all requirements. This simplification of the process speeds up the delivery time and reduces the full cost, being very useful in lots of applications:
  • Agriculture.
  • Forestry management.
  • Civil Works.
  • Disaster damage evaluation.
  • Environmental studies.
  • More...